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ThriveOak was created with the idea that a successful investment firm must put people and the planet ahead of profits.



How Do You Put The Planet Ahead Of Profits?

Traditional investing practices only focus on maximizing profits and ignore the fact that their money supports polluting oil companies, predatory tobacco producers, and fast-fashion that contaminates water supplies.


Until we stop funding these organizations, we will continue to see rising global temperatures, oceans crowded with plastic, and burning rainforests.


Instead, our investments support companies that protect their people, their customers, and the environment. We believe these values will ensure success in the years to come as consumers increase the demand for renewable energy, upcycled materials, ethical treatment of workers, and locally-sourced ingredients.


By investing with a purpose can all make a difference!

What Is Sustainable Investing?

Every single one of our investment products is, at a minimum, ESG certified. In many cases, we place even stricter filters on emissions, contaminates, and human rights than this progressive industry-standard.


Per Vanguard: ESG investing is a growing category of investment choices that blend environmental, social, and governance factors into traditional investment evaluations. You may hear the term used interchangeably with “socially responsible investing (SRI)” and “sustainable investing.

How Do You Put Customers Ahead Of Profits?
  1. We only provide investing guidance with your best interests in mind – not our profitability. Period.
  2. Our investment advisors provide the easiest access to ESG-certified investments of any investing platform. We want it to be supremely effortless for you to make ethically-minded investments.
  3. Our management fees are lower than every single competitor – not strictly as a competitive advantage, but because we believe everyone else charges far too much for their services. We only charge you what it costs us!
  4. We provide free and easy-to-understand content in plain English to help everyone make informed decisions for their unique investing needs.
Why Hasn't Investing Always Been Like This?

Um…. agreed. The investing world should have adopted higher standards long ago.


At ThriveOak, environmentally-sustainable and ethical investment products are available with minimal fees …and we’re just getting started!

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Thank you for joining the movement toward better investing for you and our precious planet.

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